TIN builds coalition against corruption at the district level through affiliation with local NGOs. Affiliation may be awarded to organizations that are active at the people’s level and have carried out their activities at district, municipal or village level. Activities may range from creating people’s voice at local level to promoting integrity, transparency and accountability in consonance with the objectives of TIN. Considering its geographical priority and local necessity, TIN identifies organizations after conducting proper consultation with organizations and individuals of the respective region.

TI Nepal shall bestow affiliation via a formal declaration subject to the provisions contained in section 5, 6 and 7 of its Affiliated Organization Directive. As stated in the Directive, a memorandum of understanding shall be signed so as to provide legal status to the affiliation. An organization shall be deemed to have been an affiliated organization after the signature in the memorandum of understanding by the TI Nepal and affiliating organization.

TI-Nepal has maintained a network of 25 AOs in 24 different districts in the last decade. As of November 2018, affiliations of 25 AOs are being reviewed for renewal.