Climate Governance Integrity: Safeguarding the Climate and Climate Finance against Corruption

Program Span: October 2019– March 2021


The German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMU) through Transparency International (TI), Germany

The Climate Governance Integrity (CGI) project is (the second phase of TI’s Climate Finance Governance- CFG initiative that aims to improve the overall standard of Climate governance in Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Korea, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal. The CGI project was initiated in Nepal in October 2019. Under this program, TI-Nepal will promote integrity and governance in climate change related programs and their finances. TI-Nepal work will also focus on safeguarding climate and climate finance from corruption related issues by proactively engaging with Central, Provincial and Local government of Nepal, multiple stakeholders, victims, media and civil society representatives.

The activities for the project entails; encouraging space for policy dialogue among Central, Provincial and Local government and various private sector representatives. Furthermore, alliances with relevant local CSOs to lobby for development pledge with the major project, visiting communities impacted by climate change, public hearing with concerned authorities among climate change vulnerable communities, collecting grievances and advocating for anti-corruption reforms in climate finance and, engagement with media to disseminate essential message regarding climate change and climate governance finance are some of the other activities under the project. The total funding commitment for the 1.5 project is 1,10,362 Euro.