Following its reoriented approach ​aiming proximity to the public, Transparency International Nepal ​President Shree Hari Aryal led a TIN team to promote messages against corruption from the ​far western ​Darchula to ​mid western Baglung districts, from 25 March to 1 April Various interactions with the public, civil society organizations,TIN partners,  government officials and media organizations were made by TIN team to spread its messages​.

In the presence of TIN team, affiliate Social Welfare Society had organized a program on 27 March 2017​ in Darchula​ on the findings of the ​TIN ​Public Service Delivery Survey 2016 pertaining statistics of Darchula. ​Civil society members and media personnel​, totaling 30​, participated ​in the event. ​On the same day​, grievances of the local public were collected at the premises of Mahakali Municipality. Complaints ​collected were on public works, sanitation and road infrastructure​, public information, conservation, border infrastructure, financial status of local and national politicians, ​public service and oversight agencies​. Grievances were facilitated jointly by TIN Officer and affiliated organization, and some put across the Municipality Official.

In Dhangadi, Kailali district​,​ TIN district partner Sadacharko Lagi Samajik Pahal had organized an introductory ​ALAC outreach program ​on 28 March​ ​with the signatories of the Development Pact​ (​pledge made by government offices to promote rule of law, integrity, accountability and transparency in service delivery). Chief District Officer and officials of district government offices were present. Similar event was held in Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi District​,​ on 29 March, in cooperation with TIN district partner Paradarshi Nepal Siddharthanagar. Development Pact signatory district offices–​ ​Land Revenue Office, Survey Office and Siddharthanagar Municipality representatives​ – along with media personnel and civic society members were present on the occasion. ​TIN President appreciated the proactive ​​initiatives and commitments made by the government officials in both the events despite an overall scenario of increasing corruption. The signatories of development pledges were asked to review their commitments for betterment of service delivery. Positive response was received from the CDO and other government officials.

In Rupandehi District, TIN affiliate Paradarshi Sarokar Samuha Butwal assembled students, campus chiefs and chair​persons of college management committee for a​n interaction​, on 30 March​, to promote ​’good governance college level integrity network​’​ in the district. Around 90 individuals of 12 colleges participated on the meet.​ TIN President Shree Hari Aryal and Secretary General Padmini Pradhananga, addressing the students, opined that students are the torch bearers of change and reforms in future, hence integrity in youth is important.

In ​Pokhara, ​Kaski district​, Sushasanka lagi Nagarik Samaj, TIN’s district partner held an introductory ALAC Outreach and Development Pact Review of Pokhara Sub-Municipality and Land Revenue Office​,​ on 30 March​, ​​in the presence of TIN team. In the meet, special emphasis ​was ​made ​by TIN President ​on ​the need of ​promoting good governance and integrity ​in a  sustainable way​, as done by the municipality and Land Revenue Office.​ The Officials briefed that major commitments of the DP have been initiated by the organizations.​

In Baglung​ district​,​ ​TIN team participated in​ a public hearing held on April 1, 2017,​ ​by TIN affiliate, Good Neighbours for Accountability​,​ in coordination with Baglung Municipality. In the program DAO Chief, Municipal​ity​ Chief​, civi​l​ society activist ​and media ​were present. TIN President Sh​ree​ Hari Aryal expressed ​​worries ​that low civic participation in ​such public events held to ​make public officials accountable, responsible and integrity bound​​.​

The visit helped to make TIN presence felt in many districts, spread integrity friendly messages, strengthened outreach in various districts, and support good initiatives of government officials. In addition, the media interactions helped to bring TIN more closer to the public. The team returned to base on the same day.

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