Under the IPERR program, interactions with conflict victims, who are also affected by the earthquake, were carried out in Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Sindhuli and Kavrepalanchowk among the 14 most affected districts, in April 2017. Many who were victims of the decade long conflict have now become victims of the 2072 earthquake as well. The IPERR program heard their voices to learn about their experiences in accessing reliefs and grants provided by government and other organizations. The interactions were facilitated through government  peace committees.

During the interaction, conflict affected families categorized themselves to be a disadvantaged group, having difficulty in accessing  relief and rehabilitation facilities compared to other families. Many female household heads who lost their male family members during the conflict complained of having trouble in running families singlehandedly with added pressure from earthquake related damages and loss. They demanded special relief for conflict victims as many had lost breadearners of the family. The government relief is not sufficient for the house reconstruction, they felt.  Victims showed their frustration in not receiving enough attention from the government and the prolonged delay in receiving housing grant. TIN intends to reach out to the excluded sections of the society, not covered in mainframe approaches,  with reconstruction messages.