TIN ​organized an ​inter-​college Oratory Contest under the theme ‘Role of Youth in Promoting Integrity’ at SIAM College on April 5, 2017.​ ​Around ​11 colleges based in Kathmandu ​took part in the contest. Prior to the contest, an orientation session had been held with the students on April 5, 2107. Both events were facilitated by Sammunat Samaj Sewa, a NGO​​.

During the contest,17 students spoke on the topic based on their understanding, knowledge and ​acquired ​information. ​They deliberated on the existing problems related to corruption, service delivery, political accountability and how youth could help to mitigate the problems. ​TIN President Shree Hari Aryal and Vice President Dr.  Ram Dayal Rakesh ​encouraged the students to be the torchbearers​ of integrity. They ​stated that reforms and change can fructify ​only ​if students raise their voice against malpractices and illicit activities afflicting Nepal. ​Based on the evaluation of a three-member jury, Paras Mani Pangeni of Caribbean College was declared the winner of the contest with Mira Basnet of Kantipur International College and Aditya Raj Tiwari of Kathmandu Model College securing second and third positions respectively​. TIN ​hopes the focus on students and youth ​will help to build a broad-base support from the future policy makers.