A TI Nepal delegation led by its President Shree Hari Aryal (senior advocate), with ED and officials, took part in programs organized by two affiliated organizations in Chitwan and Butwal, and interacted with business community and stakeholders of post earthquake reconstruction, in Hetuda. The events took place during August 3-6, 2017 and were targeted to enhance anti corruption outreach among different stakeholders in the districts.
Partner Anti Corruption Campaign Chitwan officials shared information about their activism at the district level and the prevailing constrains. The need of new collaborations was discussed. 5 Officers involved with the ALAC outreach program got oriented about successes and difficulties as well as program execution and reporting. 
At a gathering of elected representatives in Butwal, organized by partner Pardarshi Sarokar Samuha Butwal, TIN heard the expectations and commitments of newly elected local representatives to strengthen integrity. President Aryal reiterated expectations of the people from the elected representatives for corruption control and integrity building.  
In Hetuda, TIN examined progress made in the reconstruction of government school, health post and buildings in the presence of NRA, DLPIU, NGO and media representatives. Remedial suggestions for better work were made on the spot. Amidst a separate gathering of business sector representatives, appeal was made for greater transparency and fair involvement of the private sector in reconstruction. 
Stakeholders everywhere welcomed TIN engagements, expressed commitments and looked forward to advice and help on integrity promotion initiatives.