Two years after the devastating earthquake, reconstruction of damaged schools is still in a slow pace. Many are waiting for government to initiate necessary repair or reconstruction. To observe ongoing school reconstruction, TI Nepal conducted ‘Interaction with school on Reconstruction’ in Lalitpur, Sindupalchowk, Kavrepalanchowk, Sindhuli & Ramechhap among the most affected 14 districts. TI Nepal District Officers held consultations with District Education Officer, DLPIUs and school principals and identified the schools. An understanding of the school reconstruction initiated by Gos/NGOs & INGOs was obtained through interactions with principal, school management committee, parents group and others. Issues related to the slow reconstruction process, students still studying under ‘Temporary Learning Center’, schools in operation with ‘red stickers’ and dissatisfaction with government /donor for their slow work progress were discussed. TI Nepal also helped to resolve issues between the school committees and construction teams by creating a two-way dialogue. Major issues will also be brought to the knowledge of educational authorities.