भ्रष्टाचार विरुद्धको अन्तराष्ट्रिय दिवसको अवसरमा काठमाडौंमा विरुद्ध कविता’  र भुकम्पबाट अति प्रभावित १४ जिल्लामा ‘भुकम्प पछीको पुनर्निमाणमा सदाचार अपनाऊ’ पर्चा वितरण अभियान

Transparency International Nepal marked the International Anti-corruption Day 2017 by organizing a Poetry Recital program in Kathmandu on 9 December 2017. ‘Birudha Kabita’ (Protest Poetry) had 25 poets from Kathmandu and Hetauda reciting their poetry touching upon politics, integrity, daily woes and various aspects of social ills.

Marking the day TI Nepal issued a public message, appealing to the newly elected representatives and the governments to be formed by the federal and provincial parliaments, to give due priority to the anti-corruption agenda.

A citizen engagement campaign in 14 districts severely affected by the earthquake was organized on 8 December 2017, a day prior to the international day. In busy street intersections and public places, TI Nepal leaflet with the slogan ‘Adopt Integrity in Post-earthquake Reconstruction’ was distributed to the people, stakeholders and victims.

Many NGOs affiliated to TI Nepal also organized outreach events and activities ranging from school program and discussion to rally and drama during the day.

International Anti-corruption Day helps to put corruption on the spotlight. It brings TI Nepal and its agenda closer to the general people and stakeholders. In Nepal, besides TI Nepal program, events were also hosted by CIAA and other relevant agencies marking the day.

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