OC4H project

Post: Coordinator

Notice dated 31.01.2019:

In response to the public notices published on Republica daily and TIN social media outlets, out of 14 applications received, the following applicants have been shortlisted as top 3 candidates for the post of Coordinator of the OC4H project to appear in interview and written test:

(names in alphabetical order):

Ms. Nabina Maharjan

Ms. Ranjita Chaudhary

Mr. Tumburu Gautam


Notice dated 04.02.2019:

TI Nepal decision after evaluating i) application and CV details ii) written test and iii)interview scores of the three shortlisted applicants:

Tumburu Gautam is selected as the candidate for the post of Coordinator of OC4H project.

Ranjita Chaudhary Chitrakar is the Alternate candidate.

There may be a possibility that alternate candidate as well as shortlisted candidate may be contacted during future requirements/vacancies.