Transparency International Nepal (TI-Nepal)

Result on evaluation of EoI

Transparency International Nepal, under its ‘Climate Finance Policy Integrity’ program, requested EoIs, through public notices published in Kantipur Daily and its website, for the Research/Study titled, “Mapping of Climate Finance Governance in Nepal,”

A total of 6 EoIs were received by the due date of 31 August 2017 as listed below: EoI Applicant/Researcher Self/Institution
 1 Mr. Post Raj Pokharel Self
Dr. Dhundi Raj Bhattrai
 2 Mr. Raju Pandit Prakriti Resource Centre (PRC)
Mr. Pradeep Bhattarai
 3 Dr. Nirmal Kumar BK Self
 4 Mr. Ajaya Dixit Institute of Social and Environment Transition- Nepal (ISET-Nepal)
Mr. Yogendra Nath Subedi
Ms. Sheela Bogati
 5 Mr. Narayan Prasad Baskota Self
Mr. Supreme Luintel
 6 Ms. Reeta Singh Self
Mr. Navaraj Pokharel
Mr. Rajan Thapa

The EoIs were evaluated on the basis of Core-concept, Research Methodology, Main outputs, Proposed ToC of the report, Timeframe, Researcher/Research Team expertise, All inclusive budget, and English write-up.

Based on the TI-Nepal evaluation, the EoI submitted by the Institute of Social and Environment Transition- Nepal (ISET-Nepal) has been accepted, noting the following main details:

  1. Research Team: – Ajaya Dixit, Mr. Yogendra Nath Subedi, Ms. Sheela Bogati.
  2. Research Budget: – NPR 272,411.75 (Including all taxes)
  3. Research Timeline: – 12 weeks (after signing the agreement)

We thank all the parties who submitted the EoIs and are hopeful for future engagements and support in research, events and activities.

Transparency International Nepal