publicationsstrtpTIN has identifi ed five major strategic directions as part of its institutional roadmap for this upcoming strategic plan period (2013 – 2017). These five components are: Advocacy and Interventions, Coalitions/Collaborations, Sectoral Focus, Organizational Development, Strategies for Promoting Values. All five components in the strategy seek to respond to the real needs of society. They have been built upon the past experience of TIN, and the indicators obtained through various studies completed under it. Details of these five themes are presented below.

Advocacy and Interventions

  • Transparency in Political party funding
  • Legislative policy and legal reforms
  • Aid transparency/ Budget tracking
  • Executive Accountability
  • Judicial accountability
  • Legislature accountability
  • Public litigation – policy issues


  • Constitutional and governmental anti corruption agencies
  • Civil society organizations and media
  • International organizations

Sectoral focus

  • Public Procurement
  • Public service delivery
  • Security, education, health, revenue, tax, land revenue and natural resources
  • Research, information dissemination and publication
  • Social audit

Internal Governance and management

  • Review, revisit and update TIN constitution and policies
  • Restructure organizational structures and work procedures
  • Diversification of membership/inclusion of youth
  • Thematic sub committees of members
  • Strengthening TIN Secretariat-defining roles

Promoting Values

  • Concept and Strategy for promotion of values
  • Integrating anti corruption values in formal education
  • Promoting enforcement of Code of conducts

In the process of framing the strategic plan, TIN is revisiting its constitution to make it compatible to the present context. With contextual and institutional experience of over a decade, necessary changes will be geared towards activism, dynamism, results and people’s engagement.