About TI-Nepal

Transparency International Nepal (TIN) is a civil society institution dedicated to increasing public accountability and curbing corruption in all walks of life. It is registered at the Kathmandu District Administration Office and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.

TIN is one of national chapters of Transparency International, a NGO that leads a global movement against corruption. Transparency International is active in more than 100 countries with its secretariat in Berlin. It builds up support for the national chapters as part of a growing international movement for a transparent and corruption-free society.

Given the reality that corruption is a cross-cutting issue which inhibits all aspects of Nepal’s development, TIN has taken a multi-faceted approach to address corruption. Its Strategic Framework to be 2023 – 2027 is a holistic plan designed to tackle corruption using multi-pronged approach. Through advocacy; intervention; cooperation with constitutional and governmental anti-corruption agencies, focusing on internal governance and management; promoting values through a set Code of Conduct, TIN contributes as a catalyst in the fight against corruption.

TIN currently has a network of 13 Affiliated Organizations (AO) in 13 districts of Nepal, which function as its outreach. It has strong relationship with like-minded organizations, media and several state institutions. Through its continuous activism over a decade, TIN has established itself as a leading anti-corruption agency in Nepal.

Vision, mission and values

TIN envisions a Nepal in which government, politics, business, civil society and the people are free of corruption.

TIN defines corruption as the abuse of position, power or trust for personal or private benefit of people in position of authority.

TIN’s mission is to initiate, pursue and promote anti corruption movement in Nepal through advocacy of transparency, integrity and accountability in governance, and mobilization and empowerment of people.

Core values:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Courage
  • Solidarity
  • Democracy
  • Honor and Dignity

TIN believes and works towards corruption-free Nepal because corruption:

  • Traps people in poverty and misery;
  • Retards social and economic development;
  • Impedes democracy and the rule of law
  • Breeds social, economic and political crisis;
  • Disrespects human rights;
  • Negates free press;
  • Reduces accountability in government;
  • Validates political activity based on patronage, and money.
  • Wastes public resources;
  • Distorts national and international trade and commerce; and
  • Jeopardizes sound governance and ethics in the private sector;

Source of funds

  • Fee or grant from members
  • Grant received unconditionally from government or non-government organization or other donors.
  • Income or rewards earned in return of its services.
  • Income earned on its accumulated fund.
  • Project support from TI and donors.

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