Constituent Assembly
Supporting Constituent Assembly in strengthening anti corruption measures in the new constitution
Advocating for ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption
Helping to frame new laws and regulations.

National Integrity
Advocating for preparation of a national plan against corruption.
Lobbying to improve service delivery to the public

Judicial Reforms
Establishing advocacy and legal advice centers to facilitate public grievances
Regularizing a transparent performance review of Judges in the promotion process

Political Accountability
Improving transparency in political financing systems and practices
Reducing pre and post violations of election rules and regulations, codes

People Mobilization
Strengthening agenda-specific coalitions with civil society anti-corruption groups
Addressing the corruption complaints from citizens
Lobbying enforcement of codes of conduct for NGOs, business sector and professional organizations
Declaring a national anti- corruption day and leading national solidarity events

Donor Solidarity
Making Nepali foreign aid more transparent and public-oriented

Research and Education
Awareness campaign through education, media, policy papers and forums
Research and knowledge building on corruption and thematic issues

Local Governance
Enforcing Citizen Charters in local government offices
Arranging Institutional pledges from political leadership at local government for development works

Sustainability and Empowerment
Building additional capabilities of TIN and its Support Groups
Strengthening Membership base and its outreach
Monitoring and Evaluation of activities