Two years after the birth of Transparency International (TI) in Berlin, seven Nepalese keen in combating corruption in Nepal by means of an institutional mechanism, met on September 28, 1995 to see if a chapter of TI could be founded in Nepal at a non-governmental level.

Founding-Members-of-TI-NepalThis important initiative was taken by Devendra Raj Panday, who had been a member of the TI Advisory Council from the time of its inception at Berlin in 1993.In 1995, a preparatory meeting was held at Kathmandu, where Devendra Raj Panday gave a general overview of the objectives and activities of the international body to the members present in the meeting. On December 17, of that year, the meeting adopted the constitution of the organization and declared the formal launching of TIN. The same day, the group elected an Executive Committee with Ambica Shrestha as the President. A fortnight later, the process was initiated for official registration of TIN, which came on August 19, 1996. [Picture: TIN – Founding Members]