Internship opportunities at TIN is a platform where international students could gain experience in the field of research, legal system, good governance, advocacy and grass root initiatives undertaken by TIN. The internship will be a learning experience where one can get an in-depth knowledge on the issues of promoting transparency, accountability and integrity. It will also allow the exchange of ideas where interns can share to make the work of TIN effective to fulfill the mission of the organization.

Mandated Academic Qualification

Bachelors: Students enrolled in their Second/third year of college in a recognized institution/university, or who have completed their bachelors with any discipline, preferably social science or legal studies.
Masters: Students enrolled in Masters or equivalent level or post-Masters studies in a recognized university, or who have finished such studies but are not currently employed in a full time job.

Interns should have an excellent communication skills either in English or Nepali. Computer literacy would be an advantage.

Application & Selection Process
Interested students may apply directly or through appropriate authority of the university or institution for internship at TIN. The applicant should submit a letter of interest attached with full curriculum vitae along with internship plan. The position of internship at TIN is offered only after considering TIN needs and satisfactory evaluation of the applicant’s qualification, potential and interest. TIN’s judgment and decision are final in this regard, and TIN reserves the right to accept or reject any application with or without offering explanations.

General Information
TIN receives internship application throughout the year. Decisions are normally communicated within 3-4 weeks after the receipt of the application. Evaluation process may sometimes require face to face interview.

Nepali nationals studying out of the country and foreign students who fulfill the above requirements are eligible to apply. TIN shall take no responsibility in the Visa Arrangement, travel, or any other logistics, which will be the intern’s own responsibility. However, upon the request of the intern TIN could provide assistance in regards to finding an accommodation during the internship period. TIN may issue a letter testifying the Intern’s status with TI Nepal. Internship is a fully unpaid position.

The Intern will work under the supervision of a Project coordinator of TIN and work for a specific assignment.

The tenure of TIN Internship for international students is usually 6 -8 weeks, but can be extended to no more than 3 months subject to the discretion of the TIN.

Monthly Allowance
All internships are volunteer based.

Office & Related Facilities
Interns are expected to bring their own required materials and laptops required to carry out their works, however TIN will try, but will not guarantee, to provide logistic support such as telephone and internet use, supply of stationery and other facilities.

Reporting, Evaluation & Certificate
One week before the end of the tenure of Internship, the Intern will submit a detailed report to the Supervisor narrating and analyzing the outcome of the internship. On the basis of this report and overall evaluation of the Intern’s work during the tenure of internship, TIN will issue a Certificate to the Intern indicating quality of performance.